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“…indistinguishable from magic.” Janus Unfolding

As I write the Janus Unfolding series, Arthur Clarke’s quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” comes to mind.

Janus Unfolding Series Banner

Janus Unfolding Series Banner

Suppose we are the less advanced people (easy enough to imagine that). Then ask: What would be so advanced relative to our experience to seem like magic to us?  For example.

Magic – Moving from one location to another instantly, perhaps without being seen in transit.
Magic – All children are loved, clothed, fed, sheltered and given an education, and all women are treated with respect and empowered to fully participate in society. We may as well throw in that there is no more war or armed aggression and bullies do not prosper.

What would we have to understand for the first one to seem common place?
What would a world have to be like for the second one to be the norm?