Author – System Upgrade!

Chanticleer Author’s Conference 2016 like other CACs was very focused on helping independent authors be successful.  I’m in the process of putting the good ideas I received to work:

  • Book Covers – I went to Jeff Brown Graphics and asked Jeff to create new covers. Jeff is very creative and great to work with. They’re shown here and also make a fine new header image for the website.
  • Perfect the product – I asked Sara Stamey, award winning author of The Ariadne Connection and Islands for editorial assistance.
  • Social Media and Branding – I asked Shari Stauch of Where Writers Win to help me create a social media platform. This work is still under way. I also subscribed to the WWW Winners Circle which gives you access to a great deal of information about reviewers, book clubs and other helpful things.
  • Promotion Strategy – James Wells, award winning author of The Great Symmetry, made a presentation at CAC16 about marketing eBooks. It was clear and actionable.
  • Reviews – The services I will use to help with the promotion strategy look at the author’s online presence and the number of reviews. Some of the services don’t require any reviews, some require a minimum of ten and some require more. I had three at the end of May. The number is growing slowly and I value each new review. Thank you for the reviews!

Soon the new covers and interiors will be up on Amazon and B&N, and I’ll be ready to apply to the promotion services.  I’m optimistic about the possible results, and hopeful that I’m underestimating them…



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