Speculative Fiction – Janus Unfolding Series

Is the Janus Unfolding Series Science Fiction?  A genre title that is a better description of this series is Speculative Fiction.

Inheritance, Janus Unfolding

Inheritance, Janus Unfolding

One reviewer thought Emergence was a ‘whodunit’ with a ‘dash of science fiction’. There is some ‘speculative’ science in my books.  Just like faster-than-light travel which we all accept in our science fiction novels, the things I raise may seem impossible.

I’m with the Queen of Hearts and Richard Feynman on the subject. I like to think of impossible things before breakfast and afterwards for that matter, and we don’t know it all.

I recently encountered material presented by Nassim Haramein describing the exciting revelations he found by looking into what is in the empty space that makes up nearly all of the volume of you, me and the universe: Interesting point of view.

So I speculate.